• Evrim is a precious and base metals project generator, with interests in Mexico, U.S. and Canada. We focus our expertise in identifying new early stage exploration targets and we attract leading industry partners to form alliances and joint ventures. To date, our industry partners have funded 80% of our overall exploration expenditures.

    Vision And Mission


    Deliver shareholder value by participating in significant discoveries supported by a sustainable business model.


    To become a top exploration company operating under the prospect/project generator model, with an effective team, innovation, quality partnerships, sustainability & social responsibility.

  • Evrim Resources develops value for our investors by moving forward on two key business objectives:

    1. As a prospect generator company. We leverage our depth of skilled professional talent to identify and collect data on interesting opportunities that bear the potential for excellent returns.
    2. By developing partnerships. We cultivate and form strategic partnerships with quality industry companies, directing more resources to the project through their capital and technical capacity. These partners may earn a majority interest in the project by forming a joint partnership.

      By choosing to focus our talent on identifying interesting projects and then partnering with quality companies, Evrim is able to keep its expenditures stable and low.

    The business model allows Evrim to preserve its capital and capital structure, minimizing dilution. To date our industry partners have funded 83% of our overall exploration expenditures.

    What are the Benefits?

    • Lower risk. We seek partners to undertake the high risk, high cost stages of exploration, in exchange for a majority interest in our projects. Lowering our risk and expenses allows Evrim to focus on its core strengths of project generation.
    • Increased opportunities. Evrim has a number of active partnerships, several available projects in its portfolio and other prospects in the generative pipeline. This increases Evrim’s probability for discovery and potential for a sizeable financial reward for our investors.
    • Reduced expenses. The costs of exploration can be sizeable. Evrim chooses to focus its resources on identifying interesting prospects and finding a quality exploration partner before committing to greater expenditures. This also minimizes the frequency with which Evrim needs to raise more funds through future rounds of financing from the markets, keeping the capital structure tight.
    • Low dilution. Evrim strives to maintain a conservative but reasonable level of dilution. This allows our shareholders to maintain their fractional ownership of the company.
    • Strong key personnel. Evrim has an industry recognized board of directors with proven experience and discoveries. Our geological staff has experience and the ability to execute programs and develop new ideas.
    • Quality portfolio. Evrim has significant land holdings in Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico and British Columbia, Canada.
    • Valuable industry partners. First Majestic Silver Corp., Altius Minerals, Antofagasta PLC and Harvest Gold Corp. are current exploration partners. We continue to seek out and develop partnerships with other premier resource companies.

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